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Iran's response was reasonable, how about US's response?

The coordinator of the European Union, who declared Iran's views as reasonable, did not comment on the nature of the response provided by the US, and it is not clear whether, from his point of view, the US's responses are reasonable or not.
NOURNEWS - After presenting the ideas of the European Union coordinator, Western officials and media announced that the final text has been delivered to Iran and the negotiating parties can only answer it with yes or no. At the same time, it was announced that according to Iran, there is still no document as the final text, and Tehran will review the ideas presented by the European Union coordinator based on its clearly stated red lines and announce its opinions in detail. According to the coordinator of the European Union, Iran's views were announced on time and in a "reasonable and constructive" framework. With a significant delay, which was also criticized by Borrell, the United States has announced its views to the European Union after ten days. Washington also did not limit himself to yes or no in his answer and presented his opinions in detail. The coordinator of the European Union, who declared Iran's views as reasonable, has not yet commented on the nature of the response provided by the United States, and it is not clear whether, from his point of view, the responses of the United States are similar to Iran's views or not. Since yesterday, Wednesday, after the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran announced that Iran had received the response of the American government to Iran's comments to resolve the remaining issues in the negotiations to lift the sanctions through the European Union coordinator, several opinions were expressed by domestic and foreign media activists and also, some media that have always had biased orientations towards the negotiations, which are either false or inaccurate and based on speculation. According to the announcement of the relevant authorities, the review of the text provided by the coordinator of the European Union, which contains the answers of the United States, has started in Tehran and this process will continue as long as necessary. After summarizing the expert opinions, the final report will be presented to the decision-making levels. The significant issue in this section is that the investigations in Iran, except for the determination of deadlines and limits which were announced many times during the negotiations and of course did not affect the expert method and the content of Iran's opinions, this time as well in order to check the answers provided, Iran is only concerned with its compatibility with the declared red lines and ensuring the interests of the Iranian people. The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced many times; that considers an agreement to be strong, stable and reliable, which provides reliable and guaranteed economic benefits for the country while securing the legal rights of Iran in the field of peaceful nuclear activities and putting an end to baseless safeguard claims. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi
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