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Revealing the main obstacles to the agreement in negotiations to lift sanctions

The continued adoption of political approaches by the Director General of the IAEA in a situation that Western officials and media are optimistic about reaching an agreement, shows that Raphael Grossi is still the main obstacle to the finalization of the sanctions lifting negotiations, along with the Zionist regime.
NOURNEWS - While the criticism towards the US government's delay in submitting its final comments to the European Union coordinator's proposal, has increased, Ned Price, the spokesman of the US State Department, once again identified Iran as the culprit and said: "If Iran have answered clearly, this process would not have continued!", as always by adopting a projective approach. He also noted: "Currently, compared to two weeks ago, the views of Tehran and Washington are closer." EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell also said on Monday: "We would have expected to receive a response from the Biden administration last week." The Wall Street Journal newspaper wrote after the statement of the spokesman of the US State Department and his emphasis on the rapprochement of the views of Iran and the US in the negotiations: "The optimistic tone of the US State Department (for the first time during the negotiations) shows that the revival of the JCPOA is near. If US was going to beat under the table, it would not need to provide such answers and literature. In fact, the US's non-agreement with the European Union's proposal and Iran's response will be associated with a heavy political cost for the United States." The optimism expressed by Western officials and media about the possibility of an agreement, while Rafael Grossi, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose political and non-technical behavior in the case of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, has always been one of the serious challenges for resolving the existing disputes, has started repeating the previous oppositions once again. "Give us answers and access to people and places so we can clarify a lot of things that need to be clarified," Grossi told CNN recently. Grossi's statements are raised while Iran has already provided the necessary information and access to the IAEA, but the director general of this international organization continues to play the drum of opposition, regardless of Iran's goodwill and based on undocumented reports provided to the IAEA by the Zionist regime. Grossi's continued adoption of this approach shows that he, along with the Zionist regime, is still the main obstacle to the finalization of the sanctions lifting negotiations. Of course, the questionable behavior of the Director General of the IAEA is a precedent, as he traveled to the occupied territories and talked with the officials of the Zionist regime in an action that attracted a lot of criticism, before holding the meeting of the Board of Governors in June of this year, becoming the founder of the resolution of the Board of Governors against Iran. The adoption of non-constructive positions by the Director General of the IAEA confirms that the Islamic Republic of Iran's insistence on the need to resolve the remaining safeguard issues before any agreement, has valid reasons and is aimed at preventing the continuation of the political behavior of the Director General of the IAEA. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi
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