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Decoding the West's effort to induce the finalization of the agreement in the Vienna Talks

The European Union, as the coordinator of the negotiations, cannot introduce its proposals as the "final text", because the decision in this regard is only in the hands of the negotiating parties.
NOURNEWS - Since yesterday, while the negotiators of the countries present in the Vienna talks were still busy exchanging their proposals and ideas to remove the sanctions lifting negotiations from the current situation, some well-known western journalists and European political officials announced the finalization of the text of the agreement. Following this action, the keyword "final text of the agreement" was immediately republished frequently by the Western media and along with some expressions of optimism from the European officials present in the negotiations, it created a one-sided atmosphere that was different from the realities in the negotiation room. Although the media of our country immediately responded to the deviating line created by the western media by emphasizing the non-finalization of the text of the agreement, this targeted media approach from the western side of the Vienna negotiating table is still diligently being pursued. Today and immediately after the end of the last round of sanctions lifting negotiations in Vienna, this news line was followed up with a wider scope and the European officials present in the negotiations also spoke more openly about the preparation of the final text of the negotiations. The narrative of the Iranian authorities was significantly different from the statements made by the Westerners, and it only focused on the fact that "Enrique Mora", the deputy coordinator of the European Union, presented some ideas to the negotiating parties in Vienna, and it is necessary to examine these ideas more closely in the capitals. Of course, when the Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the main parties to the negotiations, does not accept the existing text as the final agreement, no other authority can talk about the finalization of the text of the agreement. Pointing to the finalization of the text of the agreement by the western side confirms the unacceptable approach that since the text of the agreement has been finalized, it is non-negotiable and the parties should only announce their final opinion on this text. Emphasizing this procedure, which is completely in contradiction with the principles of the negotiations, is actually an attempt to create a special position and role for the European Union, which has never been agreed upon by the negotiating parties. to describe precisely; The European Union, as the coordinator of the negotiations, cannot introduce its proposals as "final text" because the decision-making in this regard is only in the power of the negotiating parties. A few hours ago, a spokesperson of the US State Department, who did not want to be named, announced: As the European Union announced two weeks ago, the text they presented is the best and only basis for reaching an agreement. He emphasized: In relation to us, our position is clear; We are ready to quickly conclude on the agreement based on the proposals of the European Union. He said: Iranians often say that they are ready to return to the JCPOA commitments bilaterally. We wait to see if their actions match their words. The adoption of this position by the United States, which is the main responsible for the formation of the current situation and continues to try to impose its ambitious views on the negotiations using the tools of Trump's maximum pressure policy, clearly showed that the emphasis on "finalizing the text of the agreement" by It is a concerted approach by Western media and officials to pressure Iran to accept the text agreed between the United States and the European Union. At the end of the last round of negotiations in Vienna, Iranian officials emphasized that relative progress has been made in some issues, but these statements do not necessarily mean that the parties have reached the final text of the agreement. After eleven months of talks in Vienna, which have been accompanied by many ups and downs, what has caused the text of the agreement not to be finalized so far is the dishonest behavior of the Westerners and the attempt to use non-negotiation tools to put pressure on Iran. The adoption of this purely political approach by the Westerners has not had an impact on Iran's principled positions so far, and will not have any effect on the Iranian negotiators' principled strategy for the realization of the rights of the Iranian nation from now on. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi
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