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Reaching an agreement requires action, not unconstructive rhetoric!

America, which violated all the rules of the JCPOA and Resolution 2231 and caused billions of dollars in damage to Iran by withdrawing from the JCPOA, now instead of compensating for past mistakes, it claims that everyone should trust the verbal statement of this country that it intends to return to the JCPOA and in If it remains, act.

NOURNEWS - Robert Malley, the US special representative for Iran affairs, said in an interview with N.P.R radio; The European Union, as the coordinator of the negotiations, wanted another attempt (to resume negotiations) and invited both delegations (Iran and the United States) to hold a meeting in Doha, hoping that the Iranian side would be willing to offer us something and the will to show himself, but unfortunately, he could not give us an answer in this round, and in a way, this round of negotiations was a waste of time.

He claimed that; Iran's requests in the Doha negotiations had nothing to do with the JCPOA, he added:
At the Doha meeting, Iran had new demands that had nothing to do with the nuclear agreement, and part of it had already been raised with us and the European Union, and we had announced that these issues were not part of the nuclear negotiations.

Mali said at the end; Iran must come to a conclusion whether it is ready to return to compliance and the nuclear agreement or not. We are ready and we have declared our readiness.
Iran has not yet decided whether it intends to return to the JCPOA or not, but sooner or later it will have to decide.

Robert Mali's statements and his emphasis on the fact that Iran did not respond to us in the Doha negotiations, while he probably forgot that the party that should answer for its illegal and coercive behavior is Washington, not Tehran!

The United States, which unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA, and its former president openly said that he had mined the path of the US government's return to the JCPOA, is now sitting in the position of a claimant and brazenly speaking from the position of a creditor, while Iran has never withdrawn from the JCPOA, which is necessary. prove to others his will to return to this agreement.

The United States, which once violated all the rules of the JCPOA and Security Council Resolution 2231 and caused billions of dollars in damage to Iran by withdrawing from it and imposing cruel and illegal sanctions, now instead of compensating for past mistakes, it claims that everyone should make oral statements with confidence. This country intends to return to the JCPOA and remain in it.

to describe precisely; Considering America's bad faith and Europe's inaction, which have caused heavy financial and economic damage to Iran, reason dictates that the country's interests should not be tied to the verbal statements of America and Europe again, and for America to return to an agreement in the areas of sanctions, verification, guarantees and excuses. Secure commitments.

The behavior of America and Europe still has no sign of proving the claims made regarding the intention of these countries to solve the problem and reach a strong, reliable and stable agreement.

Such statements and the continuation of extravagant behavior create the suspicion that the United States, by repeating past experiences that caused billions of dollars in damage to Iran, intends to impose an agreement on our country, the result of which is to hold Iran's economy hostage in order to increase pressures. It is political.

If America is still wrong in this idea that it can turn the agreement into a tool for managing and so-called containment of Iran, and by applying economic pressure, it will realize its political and security demands, then it has made a serious miscalculation.

By going through the hardships caused by Trump's maximum pressure policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran defeated Washington's strategy to cause the collapse of Iran's economy and showed that it has the ability to resist coercion and at the same time preserve its economic and social structures even in the most difficult conditions.

The authorities of the country have stated many times that they will only accept an agreement that seeks a stable and transparent economic benefit for Iran by completely and verifiably removing sanctions and removing protectionist excuses, and will never subject the country's economy to a shaky, ambiguous and interpretable agreement. They will not tie according to the European and American menus.

Washington knows very well that the officials of the European Union came to Iran as the coordinator of the negotiations with the message of America's readiness to return to the JCPOA, which naturally requires crossing the mines planted by the Trump administration, and the Iranian negotiating team also left for Doha with the same agenda.

If America is looking to reach an agreement, it must come to terms with the fact that simply announcing its readiness to reach an agreement and return to the JCPOA is not enough.

Washington, as a non-promising party in the JCPOA agreement, should take steps in this direction and build trust in order for its claims of readiness to accept obligations to be accepted. Accepting the requirements of returning to the agreement requires political will and taking practical steps. Unproductive rhetoric.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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